Corruption scandals and "quick millions": what is the mayor of Novomoskovsk Sergey Reznik known for?

Sergey Reznik was born in 1974 in Novomoskovsk in the family of the former director of the Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant. Trained as a lawyer and an economist within the walls of the Dnieper National University. O. Gonchar. Later he became a candidate of legal sciences.

Corruption scandals and "quick millions": what is the mayor of Novomoskovsk Sergey Reznik known for?

In 1998-2016, he headed LLC “Polygraphic Center” Femida “(now the sister is the owner). In 2004-2011, he was a co-owner of Novomoskovska Drukarnya LLC (now it is owned by the brother of the mayor of Novomoskovsk, an Israeli citizen), in 2004-2010 he was the owner and director of PE Balance (now the mayor’s father is the owner), in 2006-2010 he was a co-owner of LLC ” TV and radio company “Novomoskovskaya Khvilya” (it went bankrupt), in 2008 he managed to be the director and co-owner of the private enterprise “Virobniche pridpriemstvo “Sirius”, in 2009-2014 – the founder of LLC “Quadra Nova Plus” and LLC “Terra Nova Plus”.

In 2009-2016, Sergey Reznik was the director of PE Yekhad (now the owner is a sister), from 2011 to 2021 (with interruptions) he was the director of Nova Drukarska Prava LLC (brother is a co-owner): this company was in a state of liquidation due to for bankruptcy and debts for UAH 6.8 million. In 2019-2020, Reznik was a FOP with a profile in printing and construction.

In 2003, he founded the public organization “Novomoskovsk Economic Development Agency” together with his wife and sister, was the head of the organization until 2014. In 2007, he acted as a co-founder of the NGO “Green Misto”. He was vice-president of the Athletics Federation of the Dnepropetrovsk region. One of the founders of the Novomoskovsk Football Federation. Also the unofficial leader of the public organization “Our Novomoskovsk”.

As noted in his biography, in 2004 he attracted a grant from the United States to create an Internet center in Novomoskovsk for small and medium-sized businesses.


In 2002-2010 Sergei Reznik was a member of the Novomoskovsk City Council. He headed the parliamentary commission on budget issues.

In 2010-2015, he was a deputy of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council from Serhiy Tigipko’s Strong Ukraine party, and then moved to the Party of Regions. He was a member of the commission of the regional council on communal property and housing and communal services.

In 2015, he unsuccessfully ran from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc to the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council and the mayor of Novomoskovsk. In the mayoral elections, he won 4,803 votes (20.2%) and lost to Viktor Litvischenko, but became an adviser to the head of the regional council, Gleb Prigunov.

And in 2017-2018 Sergey Reznik was lucky enough to work as the director of the Department of Strategic Development and Investments of the Dnipro City Council. And in this position he got into corruption scandals. Later, the department was disbanded, I opened a criminal case against its head, and Sergei Reznik himself went into business. 

In 2020, he received 5 thousand 10 votes (30.93%) and was elected mayor of Novomoskovsk. In fact, with a low turnout, it turns out that Sergei Reznik was elected mayor by 9.58% of the adult residents of the city .


Judging by the official biography, Sergei Reznik was an official only in 2017-2018 and from the end of 2020 to this day. But in between his officialdom, businessman Sergei Reznik became very financially successful. In 2017 and 2018, the residents of Dnipro paid the most experienced manager UAH 385,856 from the budget for the strategic development of the city.

In 2020, the mayor earned UAH 56.6 thousand from the treasury of Novomoskovsk. In total, his income amounted to 979 thousand 986 UAH , of which 801 thousand 735 UAH – thanks to some services that the future mayor of the city provided to his wife. The wife of the current mayor earned UAH 2,240,635 last year . And another UAH 3.8 million was given to her by her son, who recently graduated from the university.

The wife of the mayor of the city has accumulated 4.1 million UAH and 242 thousand dollars in cash savings , she also has 952 UAH in the bank. The couple also has 224 UAH and 2 euros in common accounts, and Sergei Reznik has 8,820 UAH and 1 euro in personal accounts. Also, the wife of the mayor of the city had a loan of 1 million 388 thousand 816 UAH. Sergey Reznik wears an Omega watch bought in 2019 for UAH 100,000 on his arm.

It is also worth looking at earlier declarations. In 2019, already as an entrepreneur, and not an official in Dnipro, instead of a modest salary, Sergei Reznik received a total of UAH 2 million 281 thousand 899, and his wife – UAH 1 million 509 thousand 750. And the son-student gave the politician’s wife 6.25 million UAH . In that year, the wife of Sergei Reznik repaid a loan for 3 million 958 thousand 411 UAH. But she had UAH 1.5 million and $242,000 as savings.

In 2018, Sergei Reznik earned only UAH 121,312 in the Dnipro City Council, while his wife earned UAH 976,531, and also received loans for UAH 1,731,755. They had no savings.

In 2017, Sergei Reznik earned UAH 264,544 by going to work in the Dnipro City Council, and his wife earned UAH 1,330,402. My wife then had savings: 317 thousand hryvnia, 25 thousand dollars, 10 thousand euros.

In 2016 (when Sergei Reznik and his wife were doing business), the politician earned UAH 47,109, and his wife – UAH 1,121,871. The spouses had no savings. vehicles too.

Of the real estate, Sergei Reznik now has only a garage (29.7 sq. M) and a land plot (34 sq. M) in Novomoskovsk. His minor daughter owns 2 apartments in Novomoskovsk (47.4 sq. m and 59.6 sq. m). In earlier declarations, it was also noted that the son of a politician owns a residential building (93.7 sq. M) in Novomoskovsk.

The family uses a new Toyota Camry purchased in 2018 (owned by Reznik’s mother), and in 2019 the wife of the future mayor became the owner of a Toyota CHR. These two new cars on the market would cost about UAH 1.8 million in total .

As you can see, the family’s well-being began to grow after Reznik ceased to be the director of the strategic development department in the Dnipro City Council. It is also a pity that the mayor of Novomoskovsk does not tell what super-profitable business his son is engaged in. And the figures from the declarations are difficult to compare with each other.

And the main Novomoskovets loves to spend the earned money on travel. For example, in 2016 he visited India, Spain, Turkey. In 2017 – in Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands. In 2019 in Germany.


The first thing that the public and journalists accused the current mayor of was that when he was a deputy of the City Council in the early 2000s, Sergei Reznik allegedly participated in the sale of urban real estate in Novomoskovsk at very low prices, when Viktor Litvishchenko was the mayor.

In 2016, Sergei Reznik even sued the former mayor of Novomoskovsk, Sergei Moroz, who accused him at a meeting of the City Council in front of the cameras of journalists that allegedly Reznik, while working as a deputy of the City Council, “shared 180 objects belonging to the city of Novomoskovsk with another person”, and “the police and the prosecutor’s office showed inaction, which is why these crimes have not been solved.” The Novomoskovsky City District Court recognized the words of the former mayor as unreliable information, and also decided to pay UAH 2.5 thousand in moral damages. But the Court of Appeal of the Dnepropetrovsk region overturned the decision of the local court.

Most of all, the media write about how Sergey Reznik in 2017-2018 headed the Department of Strategic Development and Investments of the Dnipro City Council. And that it was not possible to achieve noticeable victories in this position, rather the opposite.

The department was supposed to develop river transport, restore the facades and lighting of historical buildings, introduce social and infrastructure innovations, equip art/architectural/landscape structures, develop investment projects, introduce new technologies and applications within the city infrastructure.

According to the results of work for 2 years, the department was disbanded. And according to the statement of the mayor of Dnipro, the regional prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against the department and four private companies.

An internal audit revealed that the projects of the department subordinated to Reznik could bring multimillion-dollar waste for the budget of the city of Dnipro. Specialists of the Audit and Control Department found that during the performance of work on lighting the Kaydak bridge, violations were committed totaling UAH 1 million 610 thousand 461.98 .

The audit revealed that the department paid for the repair of facades at inflated prices, the contractor used materials that were not provided for by the project, and the department also paid for … air – inventory items that the commission did not find . In total – in the amount of UAH 9 million 991 thousand 42.8 . Violations were revealed in almost every house, and most of all allegedly “welded” on the balusters – from 4 to 5 million hryvnia.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Dnipropetrovsk region opened criminal proceedings for such facade repairs and suspects Sergei Reznik of “implementing this criminal intent.” According to the prosecutor’s office, the city of Dnipro suffered damage in this way for 21 million 836 thousand 804 UAH by overestimating the cost of work.

As of now, the case has not yet been closed, although the latest documents on it were published in March 2021. In this process, the former director of the department is accused under Part 2 of Art. 364 of the Criminal Code ( abuse of power or official position, up to 6 years in prison ) and under Part 1 of Art. 366 of the Criminal Code (drawing up, issuance of knowingly false official documents by an official, entering knowingly false information into official documents, other falsification of official documents, up to 3 years with a ban on holding certain positions ).

Since 2019, Sergei Reznik has been trying to force Vitaly Teplov, editor-in-chief of the Dnipro newspaper Gorozhanin, to refute an article about this criminal case, but so far the court has lost (after all, journalists have written about a case that is still ongoing and where guilt can still be established).

Some media write that the mayor of Novomoskovsk is on good terms with the people’s deputy from the Servant of the People Vladislav Borodin from Novomoskovsk. The latter is a member of the Law Enforcement Committee in the Verkhovna Rada.


In December, we wrote that Sergei Reznik took as many as 6 deputies to manage the small 70,000-strong Novomoskovsk. Also in the city there is a manager of the executive committee and a secretary of the City Council, who also receive high salaries.

At that time, in Dnipro, the mayor also had 6 deputies, as in Krivoy Rog. The difference is that almost 1 million people live in Dnipro, about 630 thousand people live in Krivoy Rog, and many times less in Novomoskovsk. At the same time, the budget of Novomoskovsk was about UAH 500 million, while the Dnipro budget was about UAH 14.5 billion, and Krivoy Rog was about UAH 7 billion.

In Kamensky, Nikopol and Pavlograd, where there are more people and a budget than in Novomoskovsk, the city authorities did not need as many as 6 deputies for the mayor.

At the same time, the mayor has salary bonuses (as the city council of Novomoskovsk decided last November): 10% of the salary for working with classified information, 50% of the salary for high achievements in work or performing particularly important work, up to 200% of the salary as bonuses for state/anniversaries/significant dates for the life of the city, material assistance for improving social and living conditions and assistance for rehabilitation (not higher than the average monthly salary rate).

As Informator Dengi notes , Novomoskovsk mayor’s office in tenders gives contracts to firms that are accused of stealing from the budget. Although, of course, this is pure coincidence, but those contractors who meet the requirements of the law win.


In his election program, Sergei Reznik said that he wanted to make the city friendly for residents, so that they would like to live in it.

He stated that the city’s economy needs to revive the business environment, stimulate the creation of new jobs, so that small and medium-sized businesses can develop and become an engine for city life. The mayor of the city promised business better conditions for work.

The mayor also promised to develop priority sectors of the economy and social sphere in the city. Equip roads with sidewalks and lighting. The mayor also promised that the city would have decent living conditions in any part of it, and not just in the center. The mayor’s program has a lot of promises. Roughly speaking, he wants to solve all city problems. For this, even a period of 5 years is not enough for him. You can read the program in full here .

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Valery Maglanovich