Through social networks the Volunteers of Obolon charitable foundation was contacted by Lyudmila, who, being eight months pregnant, was forced to leave Chernihiv with her seven-year-old child because of the war and needed clothes for her daughter. During a conversation with her, our representative Олексій Ангеловський found out that she was living with Anna from Pavlograd (Dnipropetrovsk region) and Inna from Komsomolsk (Poltava region), who had also left their homes with their children. Olexiy invited all three mothers together with their children to our volunteer headquarters so that we could provide them with everything they needed.
In addition to clothes, baby food, hygiene products and a personal box from Caritas for each family, the Obolon Volunteers tried to give the children a little joy and fun emotions. Our volunteer Константин Викторович Пузирь even played the role of a kind of Santa Claus for them.

That same day a family with two children from Severodonetsk came to us. After a short conversation, we found out that they, too, were forced to leave their homes quickly because of Russian aggression and have almost nothing to wear.
They also received clothes from Volunteers of Obolon and a box from Caritas.
We thanks to Caritas charitable foundation, which sent personal boxes to Ukraine, including almost all items and basic necessities for families who were forced to evacuate because of the war.
Special thanks to our foreign friends Sharon Harris and Roberts Mencis, who delivered these boxes to Kyiv, where Ukrainian families have already started receiving them.